Embassy of Uzbekistan

Date : Jul 16, 2018
Time : 6:30PM To 8:30PM
Place : Embassy of Uzbekistan 1746 Massachusetts Avenue NW Washington, DC 20036

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Uzbekistan has a unique, rich culture that has been influenced throughout its history by different groups and empires competing for control over the territory. The Persians, Macedonian Greeks, Mongols, Soviets and Russians have each passed through the area and left their lasting marks on the culture and its people.  Art forms such as suzani embroidery and ikat reflect the significant cultural influence that is established within Uzbek crafts. Uzbekistan’s natural resources and growing economy make the country an important member of several international organizations, such as the Commonwealth of Independent States and most notably, the United Nations.

On July 16, 2018, His Excellency Javlon Vakhabov, Ambassador of Uzbekistan to the United States, opened the Embassy of Uzbekistan to the World Affairs Council – Washington, DC (WAC-DC). Ambassador Javlon Vakhabov addressed attendees alongside introductions and presentations made by WAC-DC Board members, Hon. Jim Moran and Amb. Laura Kennedy.

The event began as Dr. Matthew Shank presented himself to the audience as the new Interim President and CEO of the World Affairs Council – Washington, DC, and expressed gratitude on behalf of the Council to the Embassy of Uzbekistan for hosting the event. He moved on to introduce Amb. Laura Kennedy, who spoke to her personal relationship with Amb. Vakhabov , as well as to her diplomatic experience in Central Asia. She ended her remarks by introducing Amb. Vakhabov to the audience.

Amb. Vakhabov began his remarks by discussing Uzbekistan’s plan to open itself up to the world, informing the Council’s audience exclusively for the first time that new visa regulations have recently been implemented to allow 51 countries easier access and travel to Uzbekistan. Amb. Vakhabov went on to share the Uzbek government’s plan for extensive, irreversible reform, as well as its intentions to strengthen their strategic partnerships with their neighbors in the region. The Ambassador expressed his desire to bring other countries, such as Afghanistan, to the negotiating table to discuss regional security with the hope of long-term peace. Amb. Vakhabov briefly touched on improving Uzbek-American relations before opening up the floor for questions.

Amb. Vakhabov fielded questions from the audience regarding reform in the cotton industry, the role of women in Uzbek society, and the preservation of scarce resources. The Ambassador spoke extensively on expanding research in joint efforts with American universities on Uzbekistan’s agricultural efforts, as well as official refugee policies in Uzbekistan and how they will change in coming years.

Hon. Jim Moran then took the stage to express gratitude to the Ambassador for his remarks and his hospitality, and presented him with a certificate of appreciation from the Council and its board. After the program ended, guests enjoyed traditional Uzbek food and beverage at the discretion of the Embassy’s chef.